Month: December 2013

Review ~The Perfect Mate (Enduring Kiss #2) by CE Black 5 out of 5

BOOK: The Perfect Mate (Enduring Kiss #2)


RATING: 5.0 out of 5.0


I love this author. So far I have not been disappointed. I feel like whenever I need a good pick me up romantic read, I can turn to her books. This one though had some elements I did not expect. Yes, I need a man like Paul!

The story is about a young girl/werewolf running from something. She is going to this compound and meets Paul and right off the bat, she and Paul have this instant hot reaction to each other. That first scene with them is fantastic and a great set up for the whole book.

The Perfect Mate


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REVIEW~The Contract (My Sir #1) By ER Pierce 4 out of 5

BOOK: The Contract (My Sir #1)


RATING: 4.0 out of 5.0


This book was loaned to me by a friend. It is a short read and the prologue made me smile, and intrigued me.

The story is told in first person, which in itself can be a challenge for the writer. Paige talks to you the reader and you get insights from her internal thoughts, plus her bratty mouth with no filter, as her own Sir, Nick, calls it.

Paige is a willful woman and the two seem to have had some scrapes in the past within their relationship, however you are only quickly told this. Much of their past is glazed over in Paige’s words to the reader.

Nick brings up her accusatory tone in “the contract”, which makes you wonder what really did happen. Perhaps that will be address in the further books in flashbacks?

I enjoy the strong submissive viewpoint myself, especially with the bratty mouth. 😉 And Nick’s patience is something that I admire in that character as well. Their D/s relationship is a lighter tone than many I have read. It would be a great book for those who enjoy a little kink shown through the bond of D/s. I wonder/hope if the heat and scenes will be ramping up within the series.

The Contract


Book Description:

Paige Reynolds makes the biggest decision of her life and follows her heart. She’s ready to open her mind, soul, and body to her-Sir.

But is her-Sir ready for her ultimate gift?


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Review~Fallen Angel by Dark Scribe 3.75 out of 5

BOOK: Fallen Angel (The Darkside Trilogy)

AUTHOR: Dark Scribe

RATING: 3.75 out of 5.0


I would like to give this book 3.75 stars. I was having a hard time rating this book. Normally, I don’t have to think so much on it.

First, if you like dark erotica, sadism and D/s relationships you most likely will enjoy this book. There were elements that are NMKOK like knife play and such, but I know first hand warnings and books seem to get you reprimanded and put in a dusty corner in the Amazon (Adult ban censor world).

Overall, I liked most of the darker aspects of it and enjoy reading many different types of erotica. You are sort of kept on your toes about Him through the book, as Angel is as well, who is he really. His arrogance angered me plenty of times through the book, lol. Which I guess showcases me getting into the story.

The Dark One’s personality suddenly changed near the end of the book and I wasn’t expecting such a drastic change from him. Christopher, well the same goes for him, his subservient behavior changed in a snap. Then he took Angela’s… anyway that seemed a bit fast. Christopher’s transformation I mean and their (Christopher and Angela’s) relationship.

Dark Scribe did a great job of with the separation between Angel and the Dark One and I enjoyed their reuniting.


Book Description:

Fallen Angel charts the exploration of an unseen world by Nicole Cannock, an average working mum, who has discovered that her liking for more “alternative” sexual practices leaves her feeling unfulfilled. Having dabbled for a brief period in the past, she decides one quiet evening to see if there was something more… and that brings her to Der Unterworld, a chat-site that caters for the BDSM and alternative lifestyles.

After establishing herself as an obedient “submissive”, she draws the attention of DL, an enigmatic character that inspires fear within those chat rooms, yet that element of danger is irresistible for her. Despite warnings from the other women she allows herself to be pulled into his world, a world of dark desires, until the time comes where she has to meet him in person.
That first meeting opens something deep inside her…a longing and release of primal urges, and so begins a journey into a twilight world of sexual submission and control. He claims her for his own, a gesture that is stronger than marriage in that world, and he slowly begins to test her to the very limits of her imagination.

It was the last place she expected to find love; however the complex feelings that intense eroticism creates within both of them leads them down a path that cannot be denied. Nicole’s increasing frustration at the way DL keeps her at arm’s length, and his inability to express his feelings causes a rift that nearly becomes final; however, his growing realisation at how important she was to him makes him orchestrate a way for them to be together. Using his immense power and influence in the shadowy world he has created, he brings her back to his side in the amazing setting of a Grand Ball.


(I grabbed this book at a promotional period where it was free)

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