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PROMO- Author Interview with Shannon Cahill

Welcome Shannon Cahill to the blog. She is the Author of “Not all that Wander are Lost.” I had her answer a few questions for us!

Tell us about yourself.
I am a mother of 3 rotten kids. Currently attending school—I am in a Medical Office specialist program.

When did you start writing?
I’ve been writing since I learned how. The first actual story I remember writing was in 4th grade. We all got in trouble for being brats to a substitute teacher and had to write a 1000 word theme. I ended up writing a short story about 2 girls who magically end up in a land full of rabbits.

What genres do you write? Like to read?
I love to write romance. I also like to write humorous essays. As for reading, well, I read insatiably. Romance, horror, dystopian, paranormal, biographies, history. Short of hardcore sci fi and detective stories, which hurt my head, I’ll read just about anything.

What is the best compliment you’ve received about your writing? Worst?
I have been told that I was able to make the reader feel what the character was feeling. I thought that was great. I was also really flattered when I was told that I write very poetic prose. As far as bad things? I think the worst thing for an author is when someone misunderstands their work. For example, one of the characters is called by another name by only one character. I had a reader think that I had unintentionally mixed up the name a few times and was very annoyed by it.

What have you chosen to share with us today?
I am sharing my first full length novel. I’m so proud of it and I hope you buy it! (EVERYONE SHOULD IT IS GOOD! MY REVIEW TO COME THIS WEEKEND)

Favorite authors? Inspirations?
This is the hardest question ever! I will try to do it…really? Do I have to? There are so many talented writers out there and I have a new favorite almost every week, it seems. I have been inspired by writers like Lois Duncan and Judy Blume, thrilled by George R. R. Martin, terrified by Stephen King, enchanted by Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, brought to tears by Cathy Cash Spellman, had adventures with Gerry Bartlett, and learned about naughty pirates from Valerie Sherwood.

Where do your ideas come from?
Sometimes, I just have wild thoughts that nag me forever until I write them down. The most exciting ideas, though, seem to spring from everyday things or random conversations.

Advice for your readers/aspiring writers?
Read everything! Feed your brain! And when you finally write something you like, make sure you read it as a reader. Know the rules of grammar, but don’t be afraid to break them for affect. Hint…it’s ok to start a sentence with a conjunction for emphasis, but you have to know the rules before you can break them.

Quick Release:
Vanilla or chocolate?

Chocolate, always, unless it is cake, and then always vanilla (with chocolate frosting).
Favorite meal?
My husband makes Mushroom Risotto that, I swear, is better than sex (and yes, I’m doing it right). It is beautiful. Creamy, rich, succulent. He finishes it with parmesan and heavy cream so it will just about kill you, but it is so worth it. I’d give you the recipe, but he won’t even give it to me. It’s a good thing he’s hot, or I’d have smack him around sometimes.

Favorite color?
I’ll try not to be too much of a nerd about this, but B7 blue or Scorch Red. B7 is the color of the deepest blue ocean or the dark blue sky right before dark. Scorch Red is the color of Crimson’s car, and it’s just super cool.

Favorite non-writing activity to do?
I’d be lying if I didn’t say reading, but occasionally, I do other things. I love to sing and listen to music, for example, and torturing my kids is something I’m not only good at, but am extremely entertained by.

Boots, sandals, shoes or bare foot?
If I have to wear shoes, and believe me, I avoid it whenever possible, in the summer it’s always sandals. My feet need their freedom. However, when it’s cold, I need something sturdy on my feet and I prefer boots to shoes. I am big fan of Doc Martins.

Snow or sun?
I hate the cold and I hate the heat. Oddly, I don’t mind rain. I’d be really happy with a climate that called for a light jacket and long sleeves, but was warm enough that I could get away with my sandals.

BookCoverImageAbout the Book:
What’s the first thing you do when you are a 400 year old Elf Guardian who is being sent to protect a reckless, smart ass, smoking hot young mechanic who is destined to change the world? Visit a cobbler. Crimson knows you need a good pair of boots and a lot of self control for a job like that!

But things are not always what they seem. Everyone has secrets, everyone has an agenda. Things are spiraling out of control. Can Finn and Crimson fulfill their entwined destinies and change the world?

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About the Author:
Shannon Cahill lives in Spokane, Washington with the love of her life, her 3 rotten children, and her elderly border collie. When she’s not writing, she’s reading. She is especially fond of trashy celebrity biographies and passionate love stories, but cannot pass up a good vampire or zombie story.311318_10200317384630971_518736474_n

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Review ~ Quick and Dirty Beginnings by Nikki Blue 3.75 out of 5.0

BOOK: Quick and Dirty Beginnings

AUTHOR: Nikki Blue

RATING: 3.75 out of 5.0


This one gets 3.75 out of 5 for me. I really enjoyed the scenes and loved, loved, loved the “switch” chapter. But for me I really felt like (especially the first and second story) the chapters really wanted to be connected. They are separate stories about the same people with really no time stamp or life outside the bedroom. So I was a little lost on where they “were” at times, because I don’t think they were always in their house/bedroom.

They are separate stories aka quick and dirty, or at least that is my assumption for the name.

There was one story that really pulled at my heart, where he kept asking do you trust me, over and over. Overall, I love the unwavering love in this book and how he can “see” her. What do I mean by that? Well guess you’ll have to grab yourself a copy. I think we all wish that our partner could truly see us within our souls.

Quick and Dirty Beginnings

Book Description:

“It was only the start of their explorations. Their travels would show them new heights, new experiences, and take them to exotic places they’d never been. The specifics of their expedition were still in the planning stages, the destination unclear. But he was certain it was a journey they would make together.”
This collection of beautiful beginnings peeks into the bedroom of a woman who thought she was a submissive, and the man who knew different. They explore her dominance, his submission, and face the challenges of a threesome. He worships her, uses her, and loves her.


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Cover Reveal- Taking Chances by Ariadne Wayne

Ariadne Wayne – Taking Chances – Cover Reveal
Contemporary Romance
Date Published: 3/30/2014

Lauren and Mark Burrows lost their parents in a car accident one night. Despite their father being the drunk driver, both struggle with the urge to turn to drink; Lauren most of all. When all they have is each other, Lauren feels lost when Mark falls in love with Cassie Warren and moves out.
Ethan Stone has been alone since his divorce. His ex-wife took him for everything, and he has felt empty for a long time. He’s not looking for love, but Lauren brings him back to life. The question is whether she can fight her demons for the man she loves, and if Ethan can handle the wild ride that is life with Lauren.
Ethan leaned over to kiss her. “I’m looking forward to going to bed too. If I’m invited.”
She laughed, slapping his arm. “Are you kidding? After all that fuss at the door, you had better bring your A game tonight, Mister.”
“I don’t know about that, but I could do with loving you some more. We’ll have to leave pretty early. My schedule is full tomorrow.”
“You still came?”
“Lauren, I told you. You’re worth the effort. If I have to look for work down here, I will.”
“I can’t believe anyone would do that for me.”
“I love you. Even if you don’t feel the same way, I’ll be there when you need me.”
She kissed him. This man was special, and he was hers.
“I do feel the same way. My whole life, no-one ever loved me,” she said.
“I bet that’s a lie. You have such a good heart. Anyone who doesn’t love you isn’t worth knowing.”
“Can we skip dinner and get to the bed part?”
Ethan squeezed her hand. “Not after the effort I put in. Maybe afterwards.”
“Well, you can’t wash the dishes. There’s no hot water left.”
“You didn’t leave any for me?”
Lauren draped her arms over Ethan’s shoulders. “No. You should have joined me.”
“Next time, beautiful.”
She looked away, not wanting to meet his gaze. “What is it, Lauren?”
“No-one’s ever called me that before.”
    “Well, get used to it.”
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Review ~ Freedom to Pleasure-Isabella Part II by Cole Browning 3.75 out of 5

BOOK: Freedom to Pleasure -Isabella Part II

AUTHOR: Cole Browning

RATING: 3.75 out of 5.0


I liked the story, it had just enough Alpha Male Dominance and A LOT of sweet pleasure—that is for sure. I really enjoyed the breast play aspect. I think that’s actually the first time I have read about it. Isabella surely did herself a service, by servicing him—I can tell you that much.

It was a wonderful read as a fantasy. The dialog, though minimal, showed the truth in the moments of passions. The sex scenes were minimally explicit meaning not overt, swears or C and P words (blushes)—ok I’m joking. Not like most of mine. lol

I can say that the formatting/editing needs fine tuning, entire blocks/Kindle pages of words with no breaks. 😦 I found myself putting this one down quite a lot, being distracted and I can tell you that it was NOT due to the writing. 😉

PS read this one first…so definitely can be a stand alone. 😉

Enjoy this one sexy friends!

Xx Suzy

Freedom to Pleasure



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REVIEW ~ Friday’s Lesson by Felicity Brandon 5 out of 5

BOOK: Friday’s Lesson

AUTHOR: Felicity Brandon

RATING: 5.0 out of 5.0


Ok Oliver..damn. It’s a bit harsh I’m leaving or you are submitting, but at the same time the fact that she has had this deep seated desire is trickled in there. This story is hot, sexy, and relate-able. Jenna is literally fighting with the emotions in her head and body. I want to know what the next lesson is. This one leaves you panting for more…


Firdays Lesson

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Review ~ Mistletoe Magic (A Copper Mountain Christmas) by Melissa McClone 3 out of 5

BOOK: Mistletoe Magic (A Copper Mountain Christmas)

AUTHOR: Melissa McClone

RATING: 3.0 out of 5.0


It was a sweet short. I think the characters were developed pretty well. I wished the scene were “Mistletoe” was found was put in. Perhaps it would have given a little more emotion to the story. It was sweet romance, with really no heat, wrapped into a pretty bow. I’m assuming this is just a small stepping stone into the characters and the place.

I grabbed it from Amazon for free and it appears to still be the case.


Misteltoe Magic

REVIEW ~ Castles Burning Part 2 by Nicole Ryan 5 out of 5

BOOK: Castles Burning Part 2

AUTHOR: Nicole Ryan

RATING: 5.0 out of 5.0


I was a little bummed when I added this to my shelves on Goodreads and I saw a spoiler…I HATE spoilers. Luckily, either I read it wrong or they wrote it wrong.

Anyway, enough ranting, on to raving. I loved this book. Got me tearing up of course at her memories of Aden. There is a quite a lot of story packed into this book and before you even hit the first sex scene. I enjoyed was set on a Navy ship. The author clearly is well versed in the intricacies within the ship itself and even communications. My father was in the Navy, so it was interesting to see (I mean literally picture) the ship.

Now, I said there is a lot of story, but the sex scenes are hot of course, perhaps I should say scalding. I love the “watching” aspect of them. My question is how does Chief know? Know what you ask? Guess you’ll have to read the books.

Cannot wait for the 3rd one!




Erotic Fiction, intended for mature readers only 18+
Deployment time has arrived. Part two has all new characters, new settings, and we even take a trip to Singapore.
Amber is thrust into an unbelievable world of debauchery and sex and is left questioning her surroundings… but unable to resist. Amber has an instant connection with the kind, and quiet Dean Cross, but is pulled by the dark, mysterious Chief of her division. Adam knows more about BDSM and what Amber craves than even she understands.

*Warning* This book is explicit, contains BDSM scenes, and group sex. It is intended for mature readers over the age of 18 only.


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