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Reveiw ~ Cursed Desires by CE Black 5.0 out of 5.0

BOOK:  Cursed Desires


RATING: 5.0 out of 5.0


I loved the beginning. It had me grinning and seriously blushing. CE knows her niche is paranormal, no matter what the type—vampire, werewolves and now ghosts. And damn are they all so freakin’ hot!

The scene with Will had me feeling the overwhelming love between the three of them and I loved it. She worked in all the angles dispelling any animosity and I loved the reach-backs into time. This was feel book that made me sad near the end, damn you! But alas she pulls it off. Whew! From beginning to end you can’t help but fall in love with the characters. I recommend completely.




Book Description:

Gabe and I had been happily married for seven years. We’d had our ups and downs, but nothing could have prepared us for what happened after a weekend getaway, and a fun tour of one of the oldest cemeteries in Charleston.

Something or someone came home with us, and once our mysterious ghost revealed himself, things really got interesting. The heart is definitely big enough for two. Who knew curses could be real?


All I’ve ever wanted was to make my wife happy. We’d had a good seven years together, and I knew we had what it took to make it the long haul.

When Kara told me our house was haunted, I thought for sure there was a reasonable explanation. Man, was I wrong. Who knew curses could be real?


My parent’s and society’s expectations were weighing heavily, and I felt leaving was for the best. Only things had not worked out like I hoped. I found out rather quickly how short life could be.

When I saw Kara standing at my grave, the connection had been instantaneous, but I had no idea how real that connection actually was. Who knew curses could be real?

Warning: This book contains mature content, including M/F/M, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.



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Promo~ C. E. Black’s Cursed Desires

 Today we Welcome C.E Black to the Promo corner. Her new release Cursed Desires hit the virtual shelves yesterday and I hear great things from my review partner about it! So take a look, read the excerpt and then go buy it! ~P



Gabe and I had been happily married for seven years. We’d had our ups and downs, but nothing could have prepared us for what happened after a weekend getaway, and a fun tour of one of the oldest cemeteries in Charleston.

Something or someone came home with us and once our mysterious ghost revealed himself, things really got interesting. The heart is definitely big enough for two. Who knew curses could be real?


All I’ve ever wanted was to make my wife happy. We’d had a good seven years together and I knew we had what it took to make it the long haul.

When Kara told me our house was haunted, I thought for sure there had to be a reasonable explanation. Man, was I wrong. Who knew curses could be real?


My parent’s and society’s expectations for me were weighing heavy and I felt leaving was for the best. Only things had not worked out like I thought they would. I found out rather quickly how short life could be.

When I saw Kara standing at my grave, the connection had been instantaneous, but I had no idea how real that connection actually was. Who knew curses could be real?

Warning: This book contains mature content, including M/F/M, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18

Excerpt: (Adult content)

My body tensed and my hips jerked, seeking more from the hot mouth sucking on my sensitive flesh. I woke wondering if I wasn’t still dreaming. It felt so good, the swirl of his tongue on my clit and the long thick finger sliding in and out of my dripping core.

My eyes stayed tightly shut as I clutched the sheets on either side me. I was close, so close and I whimpered my need for more. A hand skimmed up my leg and over my hip, pushing my nightgown up and sending tingles throughout every nerve. I arched into his touch, begging for more. He granted it when his large hand cupped my breast, his fingers tweaking my nipples into tight peaks.

When a second, then a third finger pushed into me, I exploded. A million stars danced behind my closed eyelids and my mouth opened with a silent scream. I was usually a loud lover, but in the mornings for some reason I was much quieter, though the orgasms weren’t any less spectacular.

My pussy throbbed as my body lay limp and sated. My breathing was ragged and a small gasped escaped my lips when he pulled away. I felt the bed dip and waited, catching my breath, expecting to feel his hard cock plunge into me. A caress against my cheek had my head turning into the sweet touch. It was gone just as quickly as it came and still Gabe didn’t take me.

Surprised and confused, I opened my eyes to a brightly lit room, thinking maybe he was waiting for me to return the favor, only he wasn’t there. A soft breath had my head shifting on the pillow. Gabe lay a few feet away, his back to me. I smiled at his game and rolled over, pressing my sensitive breasts against his naked back. Wrapping my arm around his waist, I caressed his chest, running my fingers through his silky chest hair and frowned when he let out a soft snore. He was asleep.

Why had he gotten me off and then fallen back asleep? I lay back on my pillow and sighed. Was he mad at me? Did he not want me? I laughed silently at the foolishness of a woman’s mind. If he was mad, he wouldn’t have given me a luscious orgasm and the same was true if he didn’t want me.

Still, I was confused, but I shook my head, letting it go. I had nothing to complain about after such delicious treatment. I grinned wickedly, thinking he deserved his own wake up call. I was beginning to get a little hungry myself.

I made my way down the bed, pulling off the sheets in the process and had him in my mouth in an instant. The first thing I thought was that he was so hot on my tongue and getting harder by the second as I swirled the tip of my tongue over the purple head.

Sweet and salty cream hit my taste buds and I began to devour him. Taking all of him, until he tickled the back of my throat.

A deep moan had my eyes lifting to meet his dark hooded gaze. His brown eyes looked sleepy yet sparkled with lust as I bobbed my head up and down his length. His hands made contact with my hair, gripping the strands tightly. I smirked around his thick cock, loving the way he tried to exert control. He liked to be in charge, but we both knew I held the power in my hands. Literally.

I moaned causing Gabe to gasp. My pussy was swollen and aching. After that amazing orgasm, my mind and body was primed with thoughts of what I wanted to do to him. Though I wanted it to be all about him as he had done for me, I couldn’t.

I released him with a soft pop and quickly straddled his hips, impaling myself before he could protest. I was more than ready, on the verge of another explosive orgasm and I needed not one second of foreplay.

I began to move, but Gabe held me still. “What is it?” I asked breathlessly.

Gabe’s grin was so naughty, I just knew he had something up his sleeve.

“What did you think of your wake up call?”

“So good. Thank you, baby,” I moaned as I leaned down for a kiss.

“Don’t thank me, babe. Thank WIll..”

What? I jerked when another hand caressed my shoulders. Turning my head, I saw WIll kneeling behind me. He was as solid as ever and shirtless. Damn! My eyes couldn’t help but drift down his muscular torso. He was all hard lines and planes and smooth as silk. A smirk sat on his lips when I glance back up, but his eyes were begging me.

Gabe thrust his hips, reminding me that he was still inside me. Twisting back around, I looked hard into Gabe’s eyes. They twinkled with mirth, but I could also see him asking me as well.

“Is this alright?” He asked

“I was just about to ask you the same question. And what about you?” I asked, as I glanced back at Will.

“Gabe and I have already talked about this, so if it would pleasure you, then I want nothing more.”

A growl threatened to  erupt  from my  throat when I heard his voice. And his eyes! Damn, they were burning so hot, staring powerfully into mine.

I didn’t know how this was suppose to work between the three of us. I just hoped they had a clue. Taking a deep breath, I began to move, rising up and down while swirling my hips the way I knew Gabe liked. He pulled off my nightgown in one quick movement before his hands gripped my hips.

I was really getting into it, so close to orgasm, when another pair of hands reached around me and cupped my breasts. Will’s skin was surprisingly warm and I leaned back, wanting more of his touch. With his chest pressed against me, I could feel his hard cock sliding against my lower back and I gasped in surprise. He had removed his jeans while I had been busy and now we were finally flesh to flesh.

With Gabe inside me and Will’s cock pressing into my back along with his fingers tweaking my nipples just right, I was overwhelmed, ready to erupt, and yet I wanted it to last forever.

My head tilted back with a cry just before the room spun and I found myself on my back. Gabe didn’t stop thrusting as I gasped in surprise. His dark gaze connected with mine, his love and lust for me shining brightly. I wrapped my legs around his waist and held onto his strong arms as my body tensed. The pressure built, but I held on to the cliff, wanting it to last longer.

Will had laid down beside me and I watched breathlessly as he leaned down to take a nipple into his warm mouth. My back arched, pushing my breasts toward him, wanting more, but at the same time, I was beginning to feel too greedy.

Letting my hand slipped down off of Gabe’s shoulder, I reached for Will. When my fingers wrapped around him, his hips jerked and his mouth tightened on my breast, sending shock waves straight to my clit.

“Let go, baby. I want to see you come for me. For us.”

Gabe’s husky voice flowed over me just as Will’s lips claimed mine. His kiss was filled with so much passion, I fell off the edge, crying out as his tongue caressed over mine.

Once the pleasurable spasms slowed down, Gabe pulled away. “On your knees, babe,” he said.

My body and mind were so languid, they could have done anything and I wasted no time obeying. I knew there was more pleasure to be had.

At first I wasn’t in the right position, but once Gabe slid me down the bed a little farther and Will knelt in front of me, I knew what he was doing. Without hesitation, I fisted Will’s cock in my hand. He was perfect and I wanted nothing more than to taste him and so I did.

Gabe’s talented fingers found my clit as he thrust back into me and the three of us found a rhythm that had us in a tailspin. The aroma and sounds filling the room were heavy with our frantic sex. With one last flick of my tongue and squeeze of my fist had Will coming deep into my throat just as my own orgasm hit. My clenching muscles pulled in Gabe and three of us cried out our release.

Frozen, we all remained silent as we slowly came down from the best sexual experience of my life. Once Gabe pulled away, I sat back and looked up at Will. Is expression was one of awe and… I swallowed hard, not wanted to name that emotion I could see blazing in his eyes. The awe I understood, but the other wasn’t possible. Was it?

The three of us fell to the bed with me in the middled, a sated, sleepy pile. As one, we all sighed, then laughed at the contentment we all felt.

“That was amazing,” I said, breaking the silence.

Gabe grabbed my hand and squeezed. “Yes, it was.”

Reaching around, Will brushed his fingers down my cheek before he took my other hand in his. “I concur,” he said, his smile almost giddy.

Nibbling on my neck, his lips teased an electrifying trail down my collarbone and between my breasts. I gasped, arching back, trying to get closer to that sinful mouth. When fingers found my moist opening, I moaned deep in my throat.

“Again?” I asked breathlessly.

“If it’s alright with you,” Will said making me look down my body at him.

He knelt between my legs, his cock hard and his expression needy. Glancing at Gabe, I was relieved to my core to see his wicked smile as he watched us. I nodded my head slowly at Gabe before looking back at Will.

Licking my lips, I spread my knees apart and whispered, “Yes.”

The feel of Will inside me, stretching me so different from Gabe, was so amazing. So right, I almost came on the first thrust, but I held on, lifting my hips to meet his, drawing out our pleasure.

Will leaned down, burying his face in my neck. His chest  rubbed against mine, stimulating my already sensitive nipples. Every nerve was on fire and I needed something to ground me. One hand gripped Will’s ass, pulling him closer with every thrust, but the other reached out, seeking. I found Gabe’s hand and gripped it tightly, making the connection between the three of us complete.

Will kissed my neck softly before lifting up to look down at me. He held my gaze as his hips moved slowly. Our fast and frantic sex from earlier had become slow lovemaking and it made my chest fill tight, almost painful.

His lips pressed to mine and his tongue licked across my top lip. I opened for him and tasted all he had to offer. Our kiss was as languid as our sex, the emotion behind each movement almost too painful to bare.

I was surprised when he pulled away, but he wasn’t gone for long. Flipping me around, he had me lay on my side, him behind me. He entered me again and I sighed with contentment. Now I could see Gabe too. He knelt in front of me and I opened my mouth for him.

“I’m not going to last long. I almost came from just watching the two of you,” he said and growled as I scraped my teeth gently down his length.

“She is incredible,” Will said against my shoulder as he licked and nibble my skin.

“That she is,” Gabe agreed.

I pulled away from Gabe’s cock. “Just keep moving,” I said, my breathing ragged. I wasn’t sure I could hold off my own orgasm for much longer.

Both men chuckled at my impatience, but did as I said. Gabe thrust into my mouth, taking control as Will moved inside me. My hands didn’t know where to touch. I went back and forth between Gabe’s thighs in front of me and reaching around my back to Will’s ass.

When someone’s fingers found my slippery folds, I cried out around the cock in my mouth, my eyes squeezing closed. Only three strokes across my clit and my hips were bucking wildly.

I was too far gone to continue pleasing Gabe, but he fisted himself and began pumping furiously. I opened my mouth and watched as his eyes rolled back and his come shot on my neck and chin. He loved when I let him do that.

Will was right with us, groaning quietly as he thrust deep and held still collapsing on my side. I took his weight happily. The feel of him so close, our skin pressed together, was comforting in the aftermath of so much pleasure.

Gabe was the first to move, leaving to grab a washcloth. He cleaned me up before climbing back into the bed and I was grateful, because I did not want to move yet. I wasn’t even sure I could.

We were in our sated pile once again and I sighed sleepily. The sigh was reminiscent from earlier and we all laughed before snuggling into the blankets for a much needed nap. But only minutes later, my happiness diminished vastly. Will couldn’t stay long and I was sad when he had to leave.

“This isn’t goodbye for good, is it?” I asked, foolishly worried he’d never come back.

“Of course not,” he said. “Never goodbye for good.”

His words couldn’t have been the truth. I knew that, but for now, I would pretend. It made me feel better and I kissed him passionately before he slowly disappeared.

Gabe watched us the whole time with a pleased smile on his face and I wondered what he was thinking, but when I asked, he only shook his head before kissing me soundly.

I wasn’t sure what would happen next, the future was so opaque, but I vowed to enjoy the moments I had.


Author Bio:8005481580c192bfd875ac338b7c761f

Do you like sweet romances or naughty erotica? How about a little of both? C.E. Black writes fantasy and paranormal romances that captivate you with sensual love stories and keep you on your toes with action packed scenes and sexy characters. And don’t forget about the sex…H.O.T.!

C.E. Black has a full time job keeping up with her husband and two children. Between bouts of writing, they keep her more than busy, but her nights belong to her imagination, where in dreams her stories unfold.

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Review~ Not All who Wander are Lost- Shannon Cahill



Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

This review is a long time coming. I promised her one like a month ago- so here I am nice and sick and finally getting some time to catch up.

Let me start off my saying that the genre is not something that I read on a normal basis, but I am glad that I was able to read this one. More of a paranormal themed novel, Ms. Cahill is able to draw her readers into the world of the characters very quickly. I was able to connect with the main female heroine almost immediately. Add in a super hot guy, and well nothing more to say about that.

The pace of the story was good. Nothing was too rushed and it kept my attention throughout. The premise of the story was also very good and well written. Dialogue simple and believable. Without giving away spoilers, which I hate doing…I can only hope that we see these characters again.

A very well crafted and intriguing debut novel from Ms. Cahill.

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Review ~ The Guardians of the Forest: Book One by Kelly Napoli 4.0 out of 5.0

BOOK:  The Guardians of the Forest: Book One

AUTHOR: Kelly Napoli

RATING: 4.0 out of 5.0


I really enjoyed this book and cannot wait to read the next one. You are left at a semi-cliffhanger, although it’s not tortuous. I expected one thing when I saw the cover/ title name and was pleasantly surprised by the storyline itself. The descriptions in the book are light and airy and are too the point—meaning they didn’t overpower the story at hand.

Some of the character and place names remind me of some others from books and that is one thing to stray from. I was happy to see the main ones Keithara and Navadar are one’s that the reader does not stumble over upon reading.

Keithara’s life is a tedious one filled with duty and Navadar is the one interruption she hadn’t expected. Though her life is boring for the most part, she attempts to find happiness and her new friend seems to bring that and also a new threat of danger.

The story takes an unexpected twist about 60% of the way through and I enjoyed it. This climax sort of continued and held until the end.

Despite being her first novel this author’s potential can easily be seen. She has star quality and with some polish, I can see this supposed YA (which I think can easily appeal to wider audience), gain momentum in the fantasy realm.

 Reviewer note: Someone other than the author requested this review.

The guardians of the forest

Book Description:

Kiethara is a descendant from a long line of powerful guardians who have been charged to protect a magical forest since the dawn of time. She prematurely took the place of her mother—the previous guardian—after she was defeated by a man known as Gandador; now, young Kiethara is forced into a position of power and danger. The Spirit of Aaron, the forest’s first guardian, awakens to train her legendary powers, all the while hiding unknown truths and secrets of her past. When Gandador returns to destroy the reign of the guardians and rule the forest himself, he brings into the forest a whole new world, and Kiethara must keep in check her overwhelming emotions and experiences in order to control her magic and save the forest.

Wickedly dark yet extremely moving, The Guardians of the Forest explores the burdens of responsibility and the prospects of failure. Kiethara must protect the world’s source of power while developing her own, but guarding it becomes difficult when she finds herself kidnapped and taken out of the forest she is bound to protect.

This YA novel draws true-to-form parallels with a normal fifteen-year-olds life. Readers experience how Kiethara bears the weight of an entire world on her shoulders in a humorously sarcastic tone, relying on the friends she makes and the love she discovers to ease the fear of failure to deliver what she has been born to accomplish.

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Life After Release Day Promo!

Okay, it was published yesterday but here it is now…. Check it out- I hope I can get some free time soon to read it!

Change My Mind EbookLife After Blurb:
Hadley is Lost. Living is a struggle with her family gone, leaving her the lone survivor of a horrible car accident. As Hadley struggles to overcome the grief that comes with the loss of her family, she wonders if she wants to continue living. Life doesn’t feel worth living until she meets Avery. Avery…who makes her want to feel things she shouldn’t so soon after her tragic loss. Avery…who makes her want to live. With Avery’s love, will she be able to overcome the grief or will it consume her?


Fall 2012
I am alone, a single soul. No longer am I a part of a family unit .The overwhelming feeling of loss is paving its way through my body. Who knew your heart could actually hurt or that you could feel so damn empty inside. I feel like brittle glass. I bet if someone touched me I would shatter into a million tiny pieces. Digging my nails into my wrist I embrace the pain my nails are causing as they sharply bite into my skin.
My mother used to always say; Hadley, that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I personally think it’s a crock of crap. I mean what exactly does it do to make you stronger? What exactly am I supposed to feel like? Superman? It didn’t make them stronger; all it did was take them away from me. Sighing inwardly, I was so close to death and I don’t feel strong at all. I feel like a suicidal wreck. I can’t help but know it should be me in that casket and not them.
The Minister’s voice breaks into my fading thoughts shaking me into the present. I avert my eyes and stare off into the distance, my eyes on two birds circling the field in the distance. I wonder what it would be like to fly away, to not have a care in the world.
Lowering the caskets into the ground is almost too much to bear; watching the changing leaves dancing around the cemetery floating along with the breeze, I long to float away with them. The same crisp autumn breeze tangles my hair pulling it in front of my face and pushes my hair behind my ears while I look at the bright sun.
The birds are singing bright happy songs and I find it ironic, it should be raining. I hear women behind me sniffling into tissues, issuing a cough here and there. Someone near the back is gossiping and it’s taking everything in me not to turn around and tell them to shut up and stop crying. They didn’t lose their family. I did. I should be the one crying, but I’m not. My knee is throbbing in pain standing on crutches watching the minister drone on and on, the pain medication doing nothing to dilute it.

Life After graphic

Author Bio

P.A. Warren currently lives in the fine state of North Carolina. She is an avid reader and blogger. P.A Warren first found a love of books while reading The Babysitter Little Sister series by Ann M. Martin and since then hasn’t looked back. Reading everything she could and would get her hands on. Befriending librarians was one of P.A Warren’s favorite things to do. She also has a huge love for Squirrels.
She has found gold in Indie Authors and loves nothing better than supporting them. It has been a lifelong dream of hers to write, so when she was finally able sit down and put words to paper she was thrilled, and has been writing non-stop since. She looks forward to hearing from readers!

You can find P.A Warren at the following places
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Cover Reveal- Dominate Me by Paige Matthews

Yup, I am promoting my own cover reveal! Due out in June!


Devlin Fitzpatrick is a man of few words. Usually. An expert in surveillance and security, and a Dominant at Devoured, Devlin is known for his authoritative ways. After making the decision to observe rather than participate, and hiding from feelings and desires only few know about, Devlin throws himself into his work, and away from the practice of the lifestyle – that is, until he meets Ally. A chance encounter sets a new fire burning inside of Devlin – one that, up until then, has been absent. But, just as their relationship flares, a face from Devlin’s past returns, re-igniting long-subdued desires.

Ally O’Conner was not looking for a man – especially one like Devlin. Yet, the mysterious, gorgeous, and dominant stranger becomes the one person Ally didn’t know she was seeking. As Devlin opens Ally’s world up to hidden emotions and uncharted desires, Ally quickly finds herself falling, even though she knows Devlin is hiding something from her: desires or needs she is unsure of. When a stranger calls, looking for Devlin’s help, Ally begins to fear the worst as he begins to pull away.

Aiden MacCarrick has spent the last few years bouncing from place to place – drumming up work wherever he can. After a job gone wrong, Aiden finds himself on the wrong side of the bullet. With no other choice, Aiden reaches out to the one person he knows can help him.

As Devlin works to clear Aiden of a misunderstanding, and save his life in the process, the three of them are entwined in a foreign world of deep desires, unbidden wants and uncharted feelings. Can they find a happy resolution to their desperate situation, or will their emotions dominate them?


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Review ~ Kingdom by Anderson O’Donnell 3.5 out of 5.0

BOOK: Kingdom

AUTHOR: Anderson O’Donnell

RATING: 3.5 out of 5.0


This book is one that requires a reader to force themselves to soak it in and really think about the words displayed before them. If you’ve read the book, this contrasts to the dystopian world that the characters live in. (ie. Images that are moving so fast that only your brain processes them; your eyes barely receive the messages.)

It is honestly not an easy read. This is due to many things, the graphic words initially are concise to the point where you can almost feel, see, and hear the bones cracking, contorting beneath the skin. Yes, this is at the opening and throughout the book. (I was eating—I do not recommend this. lol) Then you move into a young mans life filled with depression and drugs. Then the third POV is this young man’s father being told through a journal that you later find out about.

I was confused mostly. The story line is outshined by the vivid imagery.  I have never in my life read such beautiful descriptions of landscapes. They describe this broken world in extreme depth, where I feel it should be more interspersed, but they continue throughout the book.

The other thing that was terribly distracting was that the writer never gave me a break, a breath or a pause. There writing style is, how do I put it? Wow! There are lots of: EM dashes, colons (at the end of a sentence instead of a period), multiple uses of “ands” in a sentence and lastly, sentences that are between 30 to probably close to 60 words long. This made for some hard reading for someone like me who normally breezes through books.

Overall, the story is a harrowing read. I began to get engrossed around 20% into the book. If you enjoy dystopian worlds, this is a fantastically horrific and yet a beautifully described one.

The end seemed like it was only the beginning. 😉 So get reading if you love: descriptions you can see/feel, a very dark storyline and a religious undertone. Trust me religion isn’t the forefront. The main theme is biology vs spirituality or something greater.


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Amazon | Amazon UK

Book Description:

In a secret laboratory hidden under the desert, a covert bioengineering project–codename “Exodus”–has discovered the gene responsible for the human soul.

Somewhere in the neon sprawl outside the nation’s collapsing economic core, a group of renegade monks are on the verge of uncovering a secret that has eluded mankind for centuries.

In a glittering tower high above the urban decay, an ascendant U.S. Senator is found dead–an apparent, yet inexplicable, suicide.

And in the streets below, a young man races through an ultra modern metropolis on the verge of a violent revolution….closing in on the terrible truth behind Exodus–and one man’s dark vision for the future of mankind.

Welcome to Tiber City.

Reviewer’s note: This book was sent to me by someone other than the author.

Forever Doomed Blog Tour

It’s not wise to wander the cruise ship Forever alone at night. You might not live to see daylight.

Detective Jack Harney agrees to do an old Army buddy a favor. Curt Noble had some personal business to attend to, he didn’t say what. What he did say was he needed someone to temporarily take over his duties as head of security on the struggling cruise ship Forever. Jack hesitates, but he owes Curt his life so agrees. He’s told the worst mischief he can expect to encounter will be the occasional shoplifter, or drunk. Instead, one week into the cruise, a beautiful red head and a member of the crew are ruthlessly murdered. Are the two murders connected? It’s up to Jack to find out. He must find the killer before the ship returns to Tampa’s port, or worse, before another dead body is found. This won’t be easy. The ship is old, it’s security systems outdated, and clues are few, or so it seems at first

It’s not just a sense of obligation that motivates Jack to agree to Curt’s request;

Jack moved thousands of miles, started over, and still can’t get Amy O’Brian out of his heart or mind. When she shows up on the ship, as part of a large wedding party, Jack must fight to stay focused. To make matters worse, Amy isn’t his only distraction; a sexy and mysterious woman has made it her mission to seduce Jack.

As the body count rises, and time slips away, Jack has to ask himself, “Did someone commit the perfect crime?”

forever doomed

maryann kempher


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Jack watched Marni leave, torn. Did he think she’d killed Pam? No, but she was keeping something from him, something to do with Pam’s murder. He looked down at his arm, seeing her small hand. His heart was still beating hard. It had taken real effort to hide his feelings when she’d touched him. After a few minutes, he started walking, and was soon standing outside Marni’s cabin door. He hesitated. He told himself he was just going there to talk to her, to try to make her tell him what he sensed she was holding back. But that was a lie. He reached up and knocked. She opened the door wearing a towel.

“I was about to take a shower,” she said.

Jack didn’t respond. He walked into her room, shoving the door shut behind him. He took hold of her towel and pulled her tightly against his body, his mouth covering hers, his tongue searching for hers, his hands yanking the towel off and tossing it to the floor. He easily picked up Marni and carried her to the bed. She pulled his shirt up over his head, her hands running themselves through his thick chest hair. She reached for his belt buckle, undoing it slowly, her eyes watching his. Then she pulled his pants down and gasped.

Oh my.


 excerpt #2

She quickly opened the pantry door and stepped inside. Oh good, my cake. By the sound of the wind, rain, and even the occasional thunder, she could tell the back door had finally been opened. She cracked the pantry door an inch and peeked out. A tall, muscular man was there, he was making a sandwich. She’d wait him out. The lights in the kitchen flickered on and off, then on again. Suddenly, another man entered the kitchen. Jeez, I’m never gonna get out of here.

“What are you doing in here?” she heard him ask. His tone concerned her. He seemed annoyed, maybe even angry. At least I’m not the only person in the kitchen that’s not supposed to be here.

The other man didn’t answer. He picked up a rolling pin and hit the guy on the side of the head, hard. The man fell to the floor with a thud. His head lay outside where she was hiding. Through the crack in the door, she could see blood on the side of his head, his eyes wide open and vacant. She swallowed hard and willed herself not to freak out. She’d need all her composure so she didn’t give herself away. She watched, shocked, as the man rushed to the kitchen’s swinging doors, looked out, then quickly returned. He picked up the dead guy and walked outside.

She wasn’t thinking straight. Should she wait, see if he was coming back? Should she run like hell and hope he didn’t see? She did what any good stripper would do. She went to the other side of her cake, bent down, and with all her strength pushed that cake out of the pantry, through the kitchen, and out of the cafeteria. She pulled up the hood up on her overcoat and kept it there until she arrived at her destination.

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MaryAnn Kempher loves to write mystery with a dash of romance. She spent her teen years spent living in Reno NV where her first book, Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder is set. The setting for her second book, Forever Doomed, was inspired by her love of the ocean. Her writing influences include favorite authors Agatha Christie, Jane Austen and Janet Evanovich. Her guilty pleasures include any and all sweets, including a good cup of Mocha. She is married with two children.

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Instead of feeding her late-night appetite, a midnight food run nearly gets 28-year-old Katherine O’Brian killed. She’s the only person to see the man who brutally murdered a local woman, and the killer is hell-bent on making sure she doesn’t talk.

Scott Mitchell left a broken engagement behind when he moved to Reno, and the last thing he needs is more melodrama. But when he and Katherine are paired for a college project, that’s what he gets. It can be very distracting when someone is out to kill your lab partner. Together, they try to figure out what the police haven’t been able to—the identity of the murderer. Passion flares, but with Katherine’s life in danger, romance seems like more than a bad idea.

Scott and Katherine will face jealousy, misunderstandings, lust, and rivals, not to mention attempted murder—and all before their first real date

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