BOOK:  Freya Being Freya

AUTHOR: Thomas Ullman

RATING: 2.50 out of 5.00


This book was refreshingly different. It is a modern mingling with ancient Norse Gods. I am Swedish after all. 😉 It was a mix of descriptive explosion, which is a gift he possesses, and history all rolled together in one. The story brings in words like: “Bifrost”, “Rainbow bridge”, and “”Asgard from movies like Thor, so you as the reader can relate.

The characters are well defined and I never felt overwhelmed with the amount of them. I did feel tension, however never any other emotions—yet told that the characters were upset or crying. The reader was told that he (the character) liked people, a lot. Show me!

Being the writer’s first piece, I find this is a good attempt and with reworking—this series could be AMAZING in the mythology/fantasy community. I implore the author to find an editor to fix the telling portions to really make this great piece shine, because honestly they have a future in writing, IMHO.

PS the ending! Woah!


Thank you for the pleasure of reading a truly interesting book from a new and gifted writer. I do hope you check this one out. It really did take me on an unexpected ride.



Amazon | Paperback


Book Description:

When he walked through the outskirts of town early one morning, the last thing he was expecting was to fall in love with a Goddess. Not just any Goddess mind you, it was Freya, the Norse Goddess of love, sexuality and beauty. With hair and eye colour that change with her mood, he was simply no match for Freya’s dangerous allure.

Freya Being Freya is a deliciously witty and sensual tale of love and awakening that transcends two very different worlds. It is a humorous, boldly refreshing and empowering story that is anything but your ordinary erotic romance and will most certainly keep you coming back for more.



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