The Review Policy

Please read through our policy if you would like a review. We take time and care on every review. Please take a moment and determine if you feel either of us would be a good match for your book. You can view Suzy’s prior reviews at Goodreads.

We will review Fiction. Suzy does write and enjoy poetry however; We will only be accepting books and short stories.


Adult, New Adult and some YA


Suzy reads: Romance, Erotica (my favorite), Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Horror, Suspense/Thrillers, Action, Crime, Detective, ChicLit…..

Paige reads: Romance, Erotica (my favorite), Paranormal, Mystery, Chick-lit, mystery and the occasional Zombie. I will read Historical/Regency romance if I seem to have an interest in it. With that said I primarily review erotica and contemporary romance.

Sarah reads: Primarily looking thrillers, action, mystery, fantasy, oddball type stuff too.  

What Suzy would not be interested in: Religious books (I am not excluding every book that might have an element of religion in it), Historical/Regency Romance, I am not into Zombies, things like the movie Aliens, Erotica books that are purely sex (I prefer erotic/romance), bestiality and many of the erotica flavors out there are just NMKOK. Check out my reviews or my books to get a feel for what erotica I would prefer.

What Paige would not be interested in: I am not interested in religious books, non-fiction, Sci-fi or novels with themes such as age-play, bestiality (unless in a paranormal novel). If you are looking for fantasy or sci-fi– hit up my partner in crime.

What Sarah would not be interested inromance, erotica

~How to request a review from us~

  1. We only accept requests via email or submit through the submission form. All others will be ignored.
  2. Send a polite, professional and personal email with these things:
    1. A blurb, a chapter or a teaser perhaps
    2. The book name/purchase link
    3. You are welcome to provide your links: Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, etc
    4. If you have a free promotion on Amazon you are welcome to mention that with the dates (We understand the cost of gifting from an Author standpoint)

Things to keep in mind

  1. Do not email us your book or coupons for your book. Please wait until we’ve read and accepted your request.
  2. We read on a Kindle, so we would want to access it in a .mobi format, if it is not on a free promo on Amazon.
  3. One book will be considered at a time. Please only send us one book.

What can you expect from our reviews?

Suzy-As I mentioned, I am an Author. I understand that these are your babies, and hard work has gone into them. I think about exactly how I word my reviews. I will never attack you the author. The critique, whether good or bad is on the book or short story.

I am not here to make enemies and if you know me at all, it’s quite the opposite. I want to promote my fellow authors and show them and their work in the best light possible. However, this is a forum for an objective and honest review.

I will post my reviews in as many places as possible: Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, depending on where I received the copy.

PaigeDitto on what my wonderful partner said 🙂

When we say yes…

We enjoy reading and believe that it will in turn make us better writers; therefore we are doing it for: the experience, enjoyment, and the free books. 😉 So, after we say yes, we want to read your book, please send us the Smashwords coupon, or if it is a case where there was a free promotion on Amazon, than we already grabbed it and it will go into our queue.

We cannot tell you the length of time it will take for a review. Patience. We are moms,  Authors, critique partners and  all around marketers.

Finally, We reserve the right to not review a book/finish it for any reason, even after we have said yes. This could be that the nature of the book was not to our liking for a multitude of reasons.





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